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Aqualuane is where flavours and quality blend in the creative cuisine that never tired.
Chef Emanuele’s style is based on ‘food remix’: high quality raw materials from all over Italy and the world combined together to create an always new ‘symphony’ as good as ever. Each ingredient employed in the dishes has this research and passion behind it.
The refined and welcoming atmosphere allows one to escape, even if only for a little while, from the everyday life and its frenetic rhythms, to enter an elegant and familiar environment, a space where one feels at ease.


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Each dish is a creation developed to please the palate and be full of beauty and aroma. The Chef wants to involve each sense to create a truly unique dining experience. Each season our menu changes: quality and seasonality of products marries with technique and creativity…


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For those who want to take a ‘journey’ through flavours, tradition and innovation. From appetizer to dessert. A succession of emotions.

What is said about us…


Emanuele Paoloni, the ached of Aqualunae: Passion in the kitchen

You cannot dissemble in the kitchen: if there is passion in the way the dish is prepared, you can see it. If the raw materials are chosen well you can see it and above all you can taste it. Then there are the beautiful stories that bring together, as one would say, all of these “ingredients” together. Including the sweet stubbornness to follow one’s objective. These are stories like the one of Emanuele Paoloni, Chef of the new Aqualunae restaurant situated in Prati (Piazza dei Quiriti).

Spiced bread and fresh fish in the Prati bistro open from morning to evening

To be won over by the “welcome of the chef” which is as follows: a hot, freshly baked wheat flour bread that is to be dipped in selected olive oil and sprinkled with a highly particular salt, black, blue from Persia, pink. A praised simplicity and except choice of raw materials. This time it went like this, but next time it could be a salmon mousse with a bruschettina. The Chef decides. Before you visit take a look at the menu, highly researched, nothing else to say.

Rome. Press dinner to discover the cuisine between land and see of Aqualunae Bistrot

Aqualunae Bistrot opened its doors a few weeks ago in the heart of Prati, exactly at the square of Quiriti where for years the Velavevodetto restaurant, a spin-off of the better known restaurant at testaccino, has reigned. Exactly in front, Emanuele Paoloni, just over thirty years old but already with a vast experience which includes Heinz Beck’s Pergola, decided to offer his kitchen…

Aqualunae Bistrot, Kamut linguine with chicory cream and clams

With the arrival of the nice weather the first course dishes with fish and vegetables are a great classic. In this case Emanuele Paoloni, the chef of Aqualunae restaurant (Piazza dei Quiriti, Prati), has decided to season the kamut linguine with a chicory cream and clams. To finish, a crumble with a salty meringue base and cuttlefish ink.

Aqualunae Bistrot opens in Rome. A new gourmet experience by Paoloni

A rich breakfast, from savoury to sweet, to start the day off well which can be concluded with a rich menu a la carte and 4 degustation menus: this is the project of Emanuele Paoloni. How first restaurant Emanuele Paoloni opened in Rome after intense study, right in the neighbourhood — Prati — where he was born and raised, in a green square with a historic fountain.

Rome: Aqualunae, un Rome a bistrot of the gourmet

Brioche, eggs, açai bowls, mango and goiaba for breakfast. A cheese and colt cuts selection, meat tartare, fish and vegetables, first and second course dishes, pinse for lunch. Tea and little pastries in the afternoon. Finger food and bubbles, cocktails or beer for aperitivo. A rich menu with four degustation menus for dinner. Aqualunae has a lot of souls. A bistrot open from 8 till 23, born out of the vision of Chef Emanuele Paoloni.

Aqualunae Bistrot, Rome

For Emanuele Paoloni, the beautiful piazza dei Quiriti has been the background for all of his most important life events. There his was literally born and raised, his father had a car repair workshop and on the border of the fountain or the Caryatids he met the one who later became his wife.

Aqualunae Bistrot and the dreamlike cuisine of Emanuele Paoloni

Between platonism and surreality, his dishes are often intuited in dreams. His kitchen is unique for its contrasts, ironic and carefree, that united technique and respect for the raw materials.

Bistromania the Roman way: eat gourmet under 50€

Young chef who have cut their teeth in Michelin star kitchens and are not rewriting the list of Roman restaurants that one cannot miss.


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    Located in a highly touristic and central place, near the Vatican, Castel Sant’Angelo and via Cola di Rienzo, the Aqualunae restaurant is easily reachable via metro A (Lepanto or Ottaviano stop), tram 19 (via delle Milizie), bus 70, 30, 280, 301, 87 (Marcantonio Colonna), 81 (Cola di Rienzo).

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    AquaLunae Bistrot
    Piazza dei Quiriti 19/20

    00192 Rome

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